A demo version of the program can be downloaded from this page. .

This version of the program will only run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  To run the application download and unzip the file into a temp folder, and then run the setup.exe program from within the temp folder. The software installation procedures are all included in the zip file.


For Vista or Windows 7 the program must be run in compatibility mode. To set this up, right click the "Win_Race" application and select Properties. Then select the compatibility tab. Tick the Windows XP (Service Pack 3)compatibility mode and tick the "Run as administrator" box as shown below:-



Help can be obtained from any screen by pressing the "F1" key. However to view the help files for Windows Vista and Windows 7 the windows help program WINHLP32.exe must be installed. These files are named "Windows6.1-KB917607-x64.msu" and "Windows6.1-KB917607-x86.msu". One of these files should be compatible with your target computer and contained in the zip file below:-


After you install the WinHelp32.exe download that is described above, certain macros are disabled.  These macros can be re-enabled by running the file named" MicrosoftFixit50105.msi"  contained in the zip file.

The word document below is a quick start information document.