This Package consists of three independent programs designed to run on separate PC's networked together.

It is designed to provide a Time Sell facility for slot car racing. The three programs consist of the Time Sell Setup, the Track Monitor and the Examine Results.

The Time Sell Setup is designed to be operated by the Race Track operator. This program assigns driver names to time slots on any lane on up to 6 different tracks. When this assignment has been completed, the information can be sent to the Trackside PC




 The Monitor program,  on receiving this data, will activate the track at the start of the next enabled time slot. The selected lanes will be enabled for the timeslot period and the lap times will be displayed on the screen. At the end of the period (minus 10 seconds), all lanes will be disabled. The timing information will be stored to a file and the program will reload the data base in case new information has been sent form the time sell setup program. Then after a ten second wait period, the program will activate on the next time slot and so the cycle will repeat until the last slot.


 The examine program,  will reside on yet another PC not associated with any one track. This PC is for used by the drivers after they have completed there time slot period. Here they can access all of the data collected during their time slot period. The information is sorted into a readable format that can be viewed and printed.