Standard Features for the Slotmaster Systems




Counting and Timing

The system can measure the following parameters :- Last lap time, last lap speed, best lap time, best lap time, reaction time, average lap time, and average lap speed all guaranteed to one thousandth of a second accuracy. Relative race position, laps completed, lag time, distance, league points,  elapsed time, number of laps / amount of time left to completion.

Data Storage

 The system can store or print the following information at the end of a race or practice session :- Best lap time, best lap speed, reaction time, average lap time, and average lap speed, relative race position at completion, laps completed and distance for each track. Plus overall best speed and time achieved comparing all tracks, elapsed time, actual time and date, race length ( in laps or minutes), race type (race, free or timed practice), class, type of cars used, driver's names and lane names or colours.

Offline Facilities

 Extensive off-line sort and review features which include a Driver's League table whereby a user defined points system can be used to build a championship table. All the sort menu's are very powerfull and can be configured to view the data between certain dates, consider one or all driver's, one or all cars, one or all class's, one or more tracks, and different race types. See the Gallery for screen shots of the various sort screens. All sort screen results can be immediately printed from within the appliction or exported to a csv file where they can be viewed in a spread sheet and easily converted again to an HTML document for web site publishing.

Track Calculator

 This feature allows the user to easily calculate the track length into a format used by the system to measure speed and distance.

Programmable Timeout

The default 10 minute time-out period that detects car inactivity can be software programmable to a resolution of one minute.

Practice Time

 In Timed Practice the session time is pre-set. This session is the basic qualifying mode of operation. The race information display gives a countdown in minutes. When the time left is down to one minute a sound can optionally be output as a near end warning. On completion of the session a finish sound can optionally be output, and the driver that has achieved the best time will have "POLE" displayed, indicating that he/she is in the Pole position on the grid. All other driver's will have there race positions defined in terms of there best time. During the session the external driver's position lead LED will always indicate which driver has currently obtained the best time.

Hold Off

 This feature is used to prevent false triggering that often occurs when two cars are on the same track. The number should be set to a value just below the fastest possible lap time. This will ensure that if a trigger is detected within this time it will be ignored.

Custom Setup

 The customer configuration for running and viewing races can all be stored for easy setup at the next session.

Edit and Delete Record

All stored result records can be edited or deleted. Two levels of storage are provided, a master file plus a day to day temp file. Data can be easily transferred from the temp file and appended to the master file at the end of an evenings racing.  The records can be displayed in a detailed heat mode or in an overall results summary.

Print Facilities

 All race results and sorted data can be output to the windows default printer. The software will even print an achievement certificate from the many output sort screens provided. Also because the system does not use the printer port, the results can be immediately printed at any time if using an old PC.

Online Manual

 The manual is context sensitive. Therefore this means that at any time (except when race is on), if the function key "F1" is pressed it will bring up help information directly relevant to the current screen you are working in. It also includes fast search facilities.

All Lap Times Display (New)

 Although the facility to export all lap times has been available for a long time, a new display screen has been added to allow these results to be viewed from within the program immediately after a race or practice session.  A screen shot of the table is shown below:-


 Median Time (New)

 Also added recently is the Median Time. This provides the mid point of all the sorted lap times in asending order. Thus it allows the driver to have a few bad laps yet still provide a good Median time. The Time Sort search engine also now allows a sort on this time, as well as Best, Average and Reaction times.